VDI Collaborates with Legal Aid Council of Nigeria to Promote Inclusive Justice in the Country

On April 17th, 2024, the VDI team, led by Program Manager Mr. Edward Ogenyi, embarked on an advocacy mission to the headquarters of the Legal Aid Council of Nigeria in Abuja.
Mr. S. A. Banjo, Director of Planning, Research, and Statistics, welcomed the VDI team on behalf of the Director-General.
During the meeting, Mr. Banjo emphasized the Council’s primary objective of offering free legal services to economically disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals in society. He underscored the challenges faced by the indigent population in navigating legal issues due to financial constraints, which often hinder their access to justice.
Mr. Banjo assured VDI of the Council’s commitment to supporting issues concerning women and girls with disabilities. He outlined a range of services the Council would provide, extending beyond cases of sexual or gender-based violence to encompass crime, compensation (particularly in accidents), legal guidance, court representation, advocacy, and educational initiatives, among others.
The collaboration will also focus on:
– Safeguarding the rights of women and girls with disabilities.
– Offering legal counsel, raising awareness, and providing legal education to empower women and girls with disabilities to understand and assert their rights within the legal framework.

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